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Art Therapy and Psychotherapy

Awaken Your Creative Spirit!

Art and Play Groups for School Aged Children

Looking for a place to have a fun, interactive and creative play date? Do you want a place where your child and younger sibling(s) can play with other friends on a weekend morning or afternoon?

You can schedule an individual play date for several children or a playgroup for four to six children or you can purchase a package of five to ten sessions.

These unique sessions can include individual art activities with mixed media as well as a group mural facilitated by me and play with the sand tray and miniature toys,as well as play with a dollhouse and toys. The children can work together at each station for a certain amount of time or can choose to do whichever activity they choose. Adult participation encouraged! You an stay with the children in the studio during the session or choose to drop them off. 

Please check out the photos in the Art Work Gallery to see murals, sand tray and other work from children's play groups.