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Art Therapy and Psychotherapy

Awaken Your Creative Spirit!

Art Therapy and Psychotherapy for Adults

Multi-media on canvas board, made in series of individual art therapy sessions by an adult patient

I provide individual and couples therapy as well as group art therapy for adults. Your therapy with me will be geared towards your individual issues, challenges, needs and goals. You will have many options of self expression, whether through the art making process, dream exploration, journalling and writing, and of course, verbal expression. I am excited to be part of the first Therapy App, Everbliss, launching March, 2015. This app allows you to schedule short or longer sessions (15 minutes/25$, 25 minutes, $45, 50 minutes, 90$), any time you want that is available.

My approach in couples therapy is similar to my approach to individual therapy. We will identify your specific issues and work closely on alternative modes of communicating. In addition, art therapy as a modality is great for couples to explore their relationship non verbally in a safe environment. If you choose, you and your partner will have a unique opportunity to make imagery with art materials to express how you are feeling about the relationship. You and your partner will also have the opportunity to not only make separate images about your relationship but will also be encouraged to combine your images and work together on images as a way to learn more about your relationship and directly through the art making be able to problem solve and explore deeper issues you may not yet be aware of.

For in person appointments, please email me directly or contact me through the Contact Page on this website. I accept Cigna in-network, and other insurances as an out of network provider. I also have a sliding scale fee to suit your budget.