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Art Therapy and Psychotherapy

Awaken Your Creative Spirit!

Reiki and Reiki + Art Sessions

Reiki is a spiritual healing modality that involves a specific type of body work: light touch on and over the body, using universal "Reiki" energy. 

Reiki Session: An Individual Reiki hour long session starts with a consultation about what you want to work on in the session and what you want the Reiki energy to help heal. Relaxing music is played while you are on the table, which is the same as a massage table. During Reiki sessions, the client is fully clothed. You will feel a light touch on and over your body. Clients report feeling shifts in energy; some enter a meditative state, and most report feeling relaxed and more grounded afterwards. Reiki healing sessions can help with all kinds of physical and emotional body issues, such as physical pain and chronic pain, chronic "medical" illnesses and syndromes, as well as mental illness, depression, and all kinds of trauma and PTSD. 

Reiki and Art Making Healing Session: 1.5 hour individual session. During the consultation you will draw a quick mandala on colored paper with oil pastels, reflecting the state of your current energy and emotional/physical state. After the verbal consultation, Reiki will be provided as stated above, on the table. The Reiki portion of the session will last 50 minutes - an hour. Afterwards, you will be invited to make another mandala drawing on colored paper. You will have more time for this drawing. Then we will look at both pictures and process the shifts in energy and other changes, feelings, reactions you have to the session. When you purchase at least five sessions, you will have a kind of blueprint of your healing process in the form of the mandalas you can take home after each session to meditate on between sessions.

Both Reiki sessions and Reiki+Art Sessions are sold in packages of five to ten sessions. There is a discount price for the ten session package. Please contact me for further information.