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Art Therapy and Psychotherapy

Awaken Your Creative Spirit!

Therapy with Adolescents

I know how challenging it is to bring your adolescent to therapy, whether you have decided on your own, or your teacher or others have suggested and recommended it to you. Some adolescents are aware of their need for therapy and ask you for it directly.

I work teenagers age 14-19. When your teen is in therapy, it is important for him or her to feel safe and able to trust me, and enjoy the environment and the therapy process. Depending on your child's challenges and strengths, s/he will be drawn to different aspects of therapy. S/he will have a variety of modalities to choose for self expression, including art therapy, journaling and poetry and sand tray. 

Working with you, the parents, is integral to the process of providing therapy for your adolescent during this challenging time of identity formation and self-esteem building. It is important for your child to feel self motivated and trust the confidentiality of the process. If needed, we can create a safety plan for you and your child.